DAE BIOCIDE 25 is a gluteraldehyde based bactericide, which in addition to excellent biocidal properties, also has effective algaecidal properties.


DAE BIOCIDE 6397 is a THPS based biocide, effective for the control of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria including sulphate reducing bacteria (SRB), in Oilfield water based drilling fluids and Oil and Gas production. 






DAE DEFOAM SD5390 is a blended formula of high molecular weight silicones in mineral oil and is used as a general purpose defoamer in Oil and Gas production.






DAE H2S SCAV / SCALE INHIBITOR is used to remove hydrogen sulphide dissolved in water. It also contains an additional scale inhibitor to help avoid scale formation and disperse any scale deposits present.


DAE H2S SCAV is a hydrogen sulphide scavenger.






DAE COR HIB 456PS is a blend of corrosion inhibitor, oxygen scavenger and biocide, for use in a variety of applications including general hydro testing and in completion fluids.


DAE COR HIB 371 is a blend of corrosion inhibitors, biocides and an oxygen scavenger for use in general hydro testing, packer fluids and completion fluids.


DAE COR 8270 is a water soluble synergistic blend of amine salts, neutralising amine and quaternary ammonium compounds formulated for corrosion inhibition in water systems.


DAE SCALE INHIBITOR 27 is a phosphonate based scale inhibitor used in the treatment of barium scale, working at relatively high temperatures and is stable in a wide pH range.






DAE DEMULSIFIER 77-WS is a highly effective demulsifier based on a mixture of surfactants and dispersants.


DAE DEMULSIFIER 3184 is an oil soluble demulsifier with excellent performance results in the Lincolnshire Oilfields. 






DAE 50/50 GLYCOL is a cost effective anti freeze that prevents the build up of hydrates. 


DAE METHANOL is used as an effective hydrate control agent. 






DAE ACID 15% HCL +4 is a scale dissolver used to stimulate wells and remove pipeline blockages. It also contains a highly effective corrosion inhibitor, a mutual solvent to strip wax / oil deposits from the scale and also contains an anti clay swelling component.  

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