Case Histories

Gas Souring:


One of the leading UK gas storage sites, who specialise in importing gas during the summer months and exporting it during the winter, became aware of the serious problem of gas souring following cases in Belgium.

DAE were approached and asked to come up with a preventative solution. The site has now been using DAE BIOCIDE 2516 successfully for over 20 years.





One of our existing clients acquired a number of UK wells. The production costs of the new wells were very high, mainly as a result of a large expenditure due to a severe corrosion problem.

DAE were asked to research this problem and develop a more cost effective solution. DAE designed a system incorporating a number of multi functional products.

Our client was very satisfied with the solutions and production cost savings provided by DAE and our products have been used successfully at these sites ever since.   





A small UK operator was having problems meeting the specification on crude oil water content required by the refinery.

After significant laboratory testing, DAE developed DAE DEMULSIFIER 3184.

The product performed exceptionally in the field.



Well Stimulation:


Most onshore UK wells require stimulation in order to keep production levels high.

DAE ACID 15% HCL +4 and DAE WAX DISSOLVER / SD have been successfully used at many UK sites.

DAE fully understands the importance of recommending the correct products for this application.

Other companies have incurred serious problems when using unsuitable products. During a trail of a competitor’s product, production went from 70 bbls per day, down to zero. The problems caused cannot be rectified.

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